Who is behind the Ethereum Code

There are no unknowns behind the Basic Attention Token development. Founder Brendan Eich once developed JavaScript and was involved in the founding of Mozilla and Firefox. The co-founder of the BAT token is Brian Bondy. He previously worked at the Khan Academy, Mozilla and Evernote. Yhan Zhu is responsible for the security and privacy of the browser. She previously worked at Yahoo, TOR, HTTPS Everywhere and Privacy Badger. The consultants include Ankur Nandwani and Zooko Wilcox. Ankur Nandwani previously worked for Coinbase, Lookout and Qualcomm and Zooko Wilcox works for Zcash. So the team was able to gather some experts from the field of crypto currencies.

The token development of Ethereum Code

The token development was financed by an initial coin offering. At that time, the token set a new record: Within 24 seconds, 1.5 billion tokens worth 36 million dollars were sold. Going Ethereum Code there, the forecast does not look so bad, even if the share price has behaved quite normally thereafter.

Basic Attention Token advantages and disadvantages

Whether people will buy Basic Attention tokens to participate in the network is rather questionable. You will probably earn it passively if you use the browser. Ultimately, the success of the token depends on how many people use the browser and how many companies want to work with the developers. More than 150 companies have already announced their cooperation, so this is not a bad thing. But so far, not much can be done with the crypto currency. The developers want to add new functions in the future.

Nevertheless: The course has developed well over time and the ICO of the crypto currency has also been extremely successful. On the stock markets, there seems to be potential in the token and the concept behind it.

What might piss off one or the other are the 70 that the developers take as credit for BATs. It is not new that the developers claim part of the tokens traded on the platform to finance their project. But in most cases the shares are much lower than 70%.

Basic Attention Token Course – Development – Forecast

The Basic Attention Token course started in June 2017 with about 20 cents per coin on the stock exchanges. As a result, the price fell continuously, in July even below 10 cents. In August and September, the price picked up again and stood at over 15 cents per coin. After a short rise to over 20 cents at the beginning of October, the BAT crypto currency lost value again and traded at just over 10 cents in the remainder of October and November.