Crypto currencies: The winners and losers in March

The best crypto currencies in March were Tron and Binance Coin. The biggest losers were Neo, Ethereum and Cardano.

Another month has passed in the world of crypto currencies and it is time to determine the winners and losers of the last 31 days. March was a rather turbulent month for crypto currencies, with a new low for the year on March 30.

Bitcoin profit had to take it

In March, Bitcoin profit suffered a 34 percent decline from around $10,600 at the beginning of the month to $7,000 at the end of the month. However, Bitcoin’s market dominance has increased over the month from just under 40 percent on March 1st to around 45 percent at month end. This means it was an even worse month for Altcoins:

Total market capitalization fell from around $450 billion to $270 billion during the month. Compared to February, where markets fell by 9% during the month, March was much worse and very few crypto currencies ended the month with a higher value than started.

Crypto currencies – March winners

Tron is the only coin in the top 15 that didn’t lose ground in March. While almost the entire market was red, Tron seemed to be stable. Earlier this month at around $0.042, TRX gained two percent, allowing Tron to finish the month slightly higher at $0.043. Relative to Bitcoin, Tron rose from about 415 Satoshi to about 600 Satoshi.

Binance Coin also made marginal upward moves as everyone around it crashed. The NBB started March at around $10.50 and ended the month at $10.70. The BNB also saw a sharp rise in the price. It looks even better against BTC, from 101,500 Satoshi to 151,000, an increase of 48 percent. The positive news that Binance* is relocating to Malta certainly contributed to this rise.